How often should you shave your face? top shaving sets for men

how often should you shave your face is a common question that is asked by many of users or when should you shave? or how many times a month , so the answer varies from person to person so in this blog we are going to discuss the answer

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Shaving benefits

  • Shaving hydrates your skin
  • Smooths your skin
  • Keep your skin refreshed
  • Moisturizes your skin
  • Remove all the dust & dirt
  • Cleans up the skin pores

How often should you shave your face?

For men; they can shave their face on every alternative day so if the want that smooth and luscious skin. In case for women they can shave their legs or face once in a week or once in a month if they are habitual on going to social events then they should shave regularly.

Shaving Products for men & women

  • Shaving kit by Viking Revolution
  • Gillete proglide
  • Techlight shaving kit
  • Solimo kit for women
  • Schick kit for women

1-How often should you shave your face: Viking Revolution shaving kit

It is a perfect holiday gift for men that comes with a complete set. It is a top quality product with unique tools that will provide a best shaving experience for men.

2-How often should you shave your face Gillete proglide

Gillete set contains premium blades which gives a smooth shave and a firm grip.. This set also contains refills for lubrication to prevent irritation of skin. it do not have any alcohol, paraben or sulfates but cream has aloe which helps the blade easy to glide.

3-fulllight tech shaving kit

How often should you shave your face

Shaving cream comes with a sandalwood scent. this shaving kit gives a great shaving experience for men. this set nourishes and hydrates skin and removes all the dust and dirt. This kit leaves no stone unturned for a great shaving experience, it is indeed a full package.

4- Solimo for women

How often should you shave your face

It provides a great performance at an affordable price and it provides good lubrication when water is put on to it. it works best with use of solimo shaving cream

5-Schick razors for women

How often should you shave your face

Gives a good shaving experience for women , no need for soap,gel or moisturizer to lubricate the shaving area and it gives a precise shaving for women.

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